Candy slot machines

When the first slot machines were invented, they weren’t confined to casinos, but could be found in cigarette stores, bars department stores and other places frequented by people even before betting online in New Jersey existed. They usually had three reels and looked more like vending machines, dispensing candy, cigarettes, chewing gum and other treats, and usually returned over 70% of the value of money inserted. This came in handy when in 1909 money prizes were prohibited in slot machines, so candy slots became a standard, giving out bubble gum or sweets. But resourceful manufacturers and gambling operators allowed the candy to be exchanged for cash, effectively circumventing the ban.

When the Mills Novelty Company signed on Charles Fey, the inventor of the first slot machine, the anti-gambling movement was in its full swing. Fey invented the Operator Bell, a new slot machine, he combined a vending machine with a slot but masked its function by placing fruit images on the reels. The genius of the design can be seen in the fact that If a player would win, the machine would give out candy which tasted like the images of the fruit that aligned on the reels.

If you want to relive what it was like playing for treats in the old days, consider these two recommendations you can find today.

M&M’s Slot Machine

The famous candy manufacturer has a history of making fun candy dispensers, and they did not disappoint with this fun slot machine replica dispensing candy. The machine works without any coins and has three reels with M&M characters. The reels are not on a single barrel and spin individually, just like a real one-armed bandit. The back of the machine has a plastic lid where you can feed it with M&M candy it later dispenses and its design allows it to process all sizes of M&Ms, including the peanut center ones. The machine emits sounds similar to a real slot machine, with a single M&M-shaped light at the top which lights up when the jackpot is won. The only problem with the authentic feel of the machine is the fact that every spin wins and you always get candy, no matter the combination.

M&M’s Slot Game

Even though it’s M&Ms again, we simply had to include this one in the recommendations. Notwithstanding that this is an older model, in our humble opinion it is the best candy slot machine you can buy. The machine also has three independent reels, but this time the combination matters. If you hit two or three symbols of a kind, you get candy and the amount of pieces is also dependent on the combination, the three M symbols winning you 20 pieces. The even cooler part is that you need fake coins to start it, just like a real slot machine. By pulling the lever, you start the reels and can then stop them individually by pressing the buttons underneath every reel. The sounds this machine produces are really fun and authentic and we can imagine that having a few of them in a room can sound like real casino.

A word of caution at the end—even though these toys sound a look really fun, think about whether your child understands the dangers of gambling. Exposure to gambling machines from such a young age might be conducive to problematic gambling later on in life.