Taking your kids to Vegas

First of all, don’t get us wrong – if you are concerned about sending the wrong message to your children, you’re better off not considering Las Vegas as a family vacation spot. Maybe you’re ready to step up the game from the CanPlay casino sign up code sites and Vegas looks like Disneyland to you; however, it won’t be nearly as interesting either for your kids or for you due to the restrictive legislation protecting kids in the world of growing risk of gambling addiction and child gambling.

Now, if you are really keen on taking your family on a gambling vacation, it doesn’t have to be that complicated.

Some history first

The 1990s saw Vegas offering the concept of “something for everyone”, when it was normal to see toddlers whizzing between the slot machines with refreshments while their parents enjoyed a little recreational gambling. The new century saw a slow decline in these practice for two reasons: firstly, children did not really contribute to the most profitable activity a casino offers – gambling; and secondly, the changed legislation prohibited everyone under 21 to enter a casino, let alone partake in gambling. Some casinos outright banned children from being in their grounds, while others allowed them passage through game areas if it was necessary in order to get to the hotel area.

Furthermore, the entire Las Vegas Strip has a curfew for children. Kids under 18 aren’t allowed to walk down the Strip unaccompanied from 22:00 to 5:00 on weekdays and 21:00 on weekends and holidays and there are no under-21 clubs in Las Vegas. However, there are a couple of hotels that are going to cater for your youngsters as well as quench your thirst for some dice fun.

Family-friendly attractions and activities

Two of the casino hotels that are designed with children in mind are the Circus Circus and the Excalibur. The Circus Circus features the Adventuredome, a full-sized amusement park, daily circus acts including acrobats and magicians, and a giant arcade. Similarly, the Excalibur sports an atmosphere of a Renaissance fair, with its Tournament of Kings featuring jousting knights on real horses, magic acts, jugglers, and puppet shows.

If this proves not to be enough, you can always visit an attraction that is suited for the entire family. Houdini’s Magic Shop can teach your kids to do magic tricks while they’ll definitely gasp with astonishment gazing at the white tigers and an erupting volcano at the Mirage. The Shark Reef in Mandalay Bay is definitely worth a visit because of its 6-million-liter aquarium which houses more than 2000 smaller and larger sharks, stingrays, jellyfish, eels, and even real live crocodiles. If this sounds a bit too scary check out Flamingo’s penguins and flamingos (what do you know).

The overall conclusion is that Vegas is not really suited for kids as it used to be. Even though you’re certainly not going to be bored, you might consider leaving the kids at home if you want to experience Las Vegas to the fullest. Remember – what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas!